List of Top 10 Sites In India

According to the source, Alexa, the sites most popular among Indian users are as follows-

This is the Indian version of the Google browser. Though Google is the default browser of most of the systems, this URL is most viewed by users. A reason this is so popular is because of the option to translate a page into various languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, etc.

An extremely popular site for uploading and sharing videos, YouTube is the second most used site to be ranked in this list. Users can also view and rate or comment on the clips. Facebook, another common forum for video sharing, is nowhere nearly as famous as YouTube.

A worldwide search portal, this website comes third in the list. It pulls up world rankings and provides access to global information which includes images, videos and webpages. It also translates into different languages.

Facebook already bags the top prize when it comes to social networking sites, so no surprise that it makes this list. Every other person can be found on Facebook nowadays. It is also a platform for sharing newsfeeds and is a reputedly good method for promotion and advertising.

Like Google, Yahoo is another web portal and online service provider. Common services it provides are Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail. Yahoo’s decision to include video chats in its messenger did miracles for its popularity and hiked it up to the most used list.

Amazon is India’s most frequently used and most preferred shopping forum. Its customer-friendly approach and wider possibilities have gone a long way in increasing the brand value of this e-marketplace.

Anyone need answers? This online encyclopedia volunteers information on EVERYTHING. Search for ‘everything’ on Wiki and you’ll still find an answer. Wikihow and other sister projects like MediaWiki and Wikibooks and have also amassed a lot of fame lately.

The online portal by SBI is unanimously the first choice of many users when it comes to making payments or transferring funds through net banking. It’s secure servers assure the customers of safe transactions and enable them to transfer capital to any part of the world.

Flipkart, like Amazon, is one of the leading shopping sites in India. It brings together various vendors and sellers and offers numerous products at amazing deals.

The online portal to railway booking has certainly saved us from a lot of unnecessary hassle. Cancellations, verifying charts and train schedules are all available at a click. It is much more convenient for travellers to confirm their reservations and plan a course.

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