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about us

ArcWeb SMAC is a 14 years old software development company which focuses strongly on maintaining high standards of IT delivery. Our end-to-end solutions cover all aspects of your technology requirements. We started off as a web development company in 2002 as Auroinfo and re-incorporated in 2015 as ArcWeb SMAC.

about us

We have managed to serve 700+ clients worldwide with over 2000 projects delivery in all these years. Over the years we have broadened our offerings through mobile and cloud development as well as digital marketing services. Right now ArcWeb SMAC stands apart as a full-service IT organisation catering to all your IT requirements.


Right Now

ArcWeb offers full-cycle product development, cloud solutions, mobile applications development, responsive web design and digital marketing services. With dedicated teams we are able to serve multiple clients across various domains. We are Amazon and CloudFlare partners with a strong experience in Open Source Frameworks that helps us in serving you in all possible ways.

Our People

ArcWeb’s team is comprised of highly valued professionals with seasoned experience of working under various levels of stress. We have dedicated teams for Mobility, App Development, Server Management, Designing, Content Development, Digital Marketing and HR/Operations.

Our Goals

Standing firm on the solution offerings for custom requirements, our teams continuously spend time in the R&D Lab for developing out-of-box ideas and development frameworks. We use agile methodology for faster delivery and smart architectures for achieving our goal of 100% client satisfaction.

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